The militia commits crimes against humanity in Al-Jazeera State

Through the Moshad Human Rights Center, deep concern is expressed about the escalating humanitarian crisis in various areas of the Jazeera state due to the ongoing attacks by the Rapid Support Forces militias on civilians in villages.

The center highlights that militias launched an attack on villages including Abadara, Tannoub, Qoz al-Rahid, and previously the Moroccan Knot village. This resulted in the death of seven individuals, injuring twelve others, accompanied by looting and property theft.

The center condemns these heinous acts, depriving civilians of their basic rights, emphasizing the significant suffering of many villages west of the city of Hasahisa in obtaining essential needs.

Warning of worsening conditions due to severe food and healthcare shortages, the center cautions against a humanitarian catastrophe, especially as citizens face critical circumstances under the imposed blockade by militias.

The center stresses the immediate action required by organizations to address the situation and urges the opening of safe humanitarian corridors to deliver aid to those affected. Additionally, Moshad holds militias fully responsible for any harm to citizens in Jazeera or any other region in Sudan.

The center calls upon human rights entities, international, regional, and national judicial institutions to intensify efforts to protect civilians affected by the war from unethical practices committed by militias against innocent civilians, conflicting with international laws and norms.

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