Unveiling a New Sudan: Post-War Reconstruction and Reshaping the Future

By/ Tarig Sharif
In the aftermath of the war, a new reality is set to emerge, reshaping Sudan’s politics, economy, culture, and social dynamics. Echoing the sentiments of the poet Al-Fitouri, the world belongs to those who truly possess it.
The Sudanese people are poised to elect new political leaders, ushering in a fresh era that bids farewell to traditional rhetoric and hollow promises. The military will rise in prominence, reviving ancient customs both socially and economically. The primary profession will be unmatched, as society recognizes the value of all occupations only when secured by stability.
Amidst economic transformation, national entrepreneurs who stood by the nation in challenging times will ascend. Capitalism, which exploited the people’s livelihoods and manipulated the dollar, will fade away as these patriotic business leaders actively support the military without harm or exploitation, stabilizing prices.
We yearn to witness the entrepreneurs who sowed fields in the deserts, providing sustenance during wartime, and the outstanding national industrialists who invested in their homeland despite losing their factories in the battle for dignity.
National pharmaceutical factories will rise again, and food production facilities will speak of the quality of Sudanese products. The textile industry will regain its luster after a period of absence.
The added value that industries bring to agricultural products is pivotal for Sudan’s economic progress post-war. The unraveling of the image will persist in the banking sector, as I will extensively discuss, alongside files covering foreign relations, social dynamics, and the media’s role during the dark times of war.
Returning to Al-Fitouri’s verses, I find resonance:
In the presence of the one I adore,
Desires played recklessly with me,
Gazing without a face,
Dancing without legs.
My banners crowded,
And my drums resonated across horizons.
My love dies, yet my love
Faces its demise with surrender.

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