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Yasser Al-Atta: Rapid Support Forces Collapse Imminent

Sudanese Army’s Deputy Chief, General Yasser Al-Atta, revealed significant developments on the ground, stating that the Sudanese army is advancing on all operational fronts with the goal of liberating both Khartoum and Wad Madani before moving on to Kordofan and Darfur to eliminate the Rapid Support Forces and establish security and stability in the country.

In an interview with Al Jazeera Net, Al-Atta discussed the military operations he leads in Omdurman and Khartoum, confirming, “We are in the final stage of eliminating the Rapid Support Forces, and their collapse is imminent.” He pointed out that the government possesses evidence of several countries supporting the Rapid Support Forces with weapons and military supplies.

He accused multiple regional countries of participating in the killing of the Sudanese people, shedding their blood, looting their gold wealth, violating their homes, and displacing them internally and externally through the support of what he described as the Rapid Support Forces with deadly weapons and providing their needs, facilitating the supply of goods and fighters.

Al-Atta also mentioned in his interview that Sudan maintains open relations with Iran and many other countries. He emphasized that Sudan’s interests alone dictate its relationships with others, expressing the country’s desire for ties with important African nations such as Algeria, Nigeria, and South Africa.

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