The militia throws a sick person and his family into the river

A unit from the Rapid Support Forces attacked several unarmed civilians in the Jazeera state, near the village of Dar Al-Hajj, west of Hajj Abdullah city, brutally beating them while they were walking with a sick person searching for a hospital and threw them into the sea.

According to Sudanese farmer Abdul Karim Hassan, he revealed more details about the incident, saying: “We were three people accompanied by a sick person wanting to go to the hospital, and we all work in agriculture. We encountered a unit from the Rapid Support Forces stationed at the entrances leading to all the villages west of Al-Khazan, which extends to the Sennar reservoir. We knew of their presence, and it was necessary to pass over the bridge where they were stationed. They stopped us and questioned us (what is our mission and where are we going). We told them we are farmers and going to the hospital, but without any preamble, they rebuked us and beat us severely with batons, justifying it by accusing us of disrespecting them, besides accusing us of being affiliated with military intelligence.”

He added: “We told them that was not true, but they brutally beat us, causing our companion to collapse and lose consciousness. They then released him, while they threw me and another companion into the reservoir, but thankfully, despite severe exhaustion, we managed to swim to the other bank of the reservoir and walked for three days to reach our village again, taking different directions away from the eyes of the Rapid Support Forces and their evil, which has afflicted all  people in the Jazeera state

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