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Clarification from the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the Security Council session

Republic of Sudan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office of the Official Spokesperson and Media Management Press Release

Regarding the closed consultation session held by the Security Council yesterday, Monday, April 29, 2024, regarding Sudan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to clarify the following:

  1. According to the Council’s agenda, the meeting was supposed to address the Emirati aggression against Sudan, manifested in the multifaceted support for terrorist militias, in light of a letter from the Sudanese Permanent Representative to the President of the Security Council dated April 26, 2024, requesting an urgent meeting to discuss the matter.
  2. Britain, positioning itself as a key player in Sudanese affairs, intervened to change the format and nature of the meeting to discuss the general situation in Sudan and specifically in the Fashir region. This coincided with revelations by the British newspaper “Sunday Times” on April 28, 2024, that the UAE was exerting strong pressure on Britain to protect it in the Security Council, following the exposure of its role in fueling the war in Sudan through its continuous support for the terrorist Rapid Support Forces militia. It was reported that the UAE canceled four ministerial meetings with Britain to compel it to intervene in addressing the complaints submitted by Sudan.
  3. The closed consultation session was held on the morning of April 29, during which members called for the militia to cease its hostile actions around Fashir and to commit to not attacking any city. They urged regional parties to abide by the arms embargo on Darfur under Resolution 1591. They also called for the resumption of negotiations in Jeddah, the facilitation of unimpeded humanitarian access, and respect for international humanitarian law. However, the meeting did not result in any decisions and was confined to the statement issued on April 27.
  4. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs regrets Britain’s denial of its moral and political duty as a permanent member of the Security Council and its obligation to address Sudanese issues in the Council, given its colonial past in Sudan, the adverse effects of which still persist, in exchange for its commercial interests with the UAE. Britain’s protection of the largest war financiers in Sudan, coupled with revelations by the British press that the British government held secret meetings with the Rapid Support Forces militia, which exhibits all the characteristics of terrorist groups, makes it complicit in the atrocities committed by the terrorist militia and its sponsors, and supportive of impunity.
  5. This shameful act by Britain, and the leniency displayed by Western countries, perennial members of the Council, towards the atrocities of the militia and its sponsor, the UAE, will not deter Sudan from exhausting all means to protect its people, sovereignty, and dignity. The credibility of the Security Council and its ability to fulfill its role in maintaining international peace and security and upholding the principles and ideals of the UN Charter remain under constant scrutiny. We hope that the efforts of Council members committed to justice, peaceful coexistence, and respect for the sovereignty of states will enable it to successfully navigate these challenges.

Tuesday, April 30

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