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Pastor Bob Roberts and SCTSS’s US-Sudan Relations Meeting

The Head of the US-Sudanese Relations Department at the Sudanese Center for Thought and Strategic Studies (SCTSS), Mekki ElMograbi, met with the American Pastor Bob Roberts, one of the most important religious figures in the USA and an advocate of interfaith and community relations. Pastor Roberts has led many initiatives aimed at developing and improving religious discourse to combat hatred and incitement. During his visit to Sudan, Roberts met with several religious figures and civil society representatives. He also stopped in Cairo and conducted several meetings.
Mekki ElMograbi stated, “The meeting with Roberts was very fruitful and reflects the values of justice, fairness, and the search for truth in American society that we love.”
The war in Sudan, specifically in Khartoum, witnessed horrific attacks by the terrorist RSF militia against Sudanese churches, Christian clergy, and innocent church followers. Sometimes the attacks included elements of racism and violent extremism. “I presented to Mr. Roberts the efforts of the SCTSS and all the communication that took place on my part to clarify what is happening in Sudan to the civil society in the US, journalists, and activists. We are ready to reach out to religious leaders and participate in their events of solidarity with Sudan,” ElMograbi said. “I am proud to have contact with Christian denominations in Sudan and Africa, serving as an external affairs consultant to Archbishop Dr. Yonathan Koko, the Head of the Gambeel Organization, the humanitarian arm of the Lutheran Church in Sudan.”
From his side, the General Manager of SCTSS, Prof. Hashim Salim, confirmed the center’s readiness to play a role in improving US-Sudanese relations. “We are the only center to dedicate a section for US-Sudanese relations because we believe how important it is to do so.”
Dr. Bob Roberts Jr. is a pastor and renowned bridge builder who has dedicated his life to promoting and advancing religious freedom, peacemaking, and civil engagement. He is the founder of GlocalNet, a ministry dedicated to mobilizing the church to bring about transformation in the public square. He is also the co-founder, with Imam Mohammad Majid, of the Multi-Faith Neighbors Network (MFNN), an organization committed to promoting religious freedom through intentional cross-cultural relationships.

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