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Joint Meeting in Juba: Kabashi and El-Hilo Agree on Immediate Aid Delivery

Juba, May 4, 2024
Today, Lieutenant General Shams al-Din Kabashi, a member of the Sovereignty Council and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, met with Lieutenant General Abdulaziz El-Hilo, the head of the People’s Movement – North, in Juba.
The meeting focused on the Sudanese crisis, and both parties exchanged views on potential solutions, humanitarian aid delivery, and political resolution.
They reached an agreement to facilitate the immediate delivery of humanitarian aid to areas controlled by both the government and the People’s Movement. Each side will ensure swift aid distribution within their respective territories.
Additionally, they decided to hold a meeting within a week, where delegations from the Sudanese government and the People’s Movement – North will sign a document outlining humanitarian operations in the region.
Tut Galwak, the security advisor to President Salva Kiir, stated that Abdulaziz El-Hilo, the head of the People’s Movement – North, expressed readiness to receive delegations for further discussions on crisis solutions across Sudan.
The meeting addressed the Sudanese crisis comprehensively, emphasizing the urgent need for humanitarian aid delivery in both government-controlled and People’s Movement-controlled areas. The upcoming delegation meeting aims to finalize a document specifying the mechanisms for aid distribution.

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