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Statement from the Sudan Medical Council

Brown Land, Cairo

The Sudan Medical Council was established in 1955 with the mission to protect society, the profession, and patients. Its primary goals include ensuring that medical education, practice, and professional ethics keep pace with global advancements. To achieve these objectives, the council operates on several fronts:

Registration of Physicians: Ensuring that doctors possess the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills to enhance professional practice.
Monitoring Health Institutions and Training Centers: Verifying that these facilities meet the service standards set by the Federal Ministry of Health and identifying areas of deficiency.
Ensuring Medical Education Standards: Confirming that medical, pharmacy, and dental schools meet and adhere to global standards of medical education.
Handling Complaints: Addressing complaints from the public against doctors and health institutions, making recommendations, and taking appropriate actions.
Training in Professionalism: Educating doctors on professionalism and related areas.
The Council’s Situation Post-War in Sudan

The current crisis in Sudan has severely impacted activities and performance across the health sector, including the Sudan Medical Council. After April 15, access to the council’s offices, located in one of the most dangerous areas of Khartoum, became impossible. Many essential documents and communications were inaccessible, and a significant number of staff could not be contacted for various reasons. This period was marked by uncertainty, rumors, and a lack of reliable information, making it challenging to achieve clear results or continue the council’s normal functions. Consequently, on May 18, 2023, the council announced the suspension of all activities until further notice, a situation that persisted until approximately June 15.

Period of Reflection, Preparation, and Seeking Solutions

Amid this challenging time, we decided not to remain idle. Despite the difficulties, we felt a national, professional, and ethical duty to act. Upon reaching Cairo in June, the president and secretary-general started working from locations with internet access. After six weeks, the Sudanese Ambassador to Egypt provided an office at the Sudan House and logistical support, leading to some stability. We recruited 12 volunteer doctors and trained them for this type of work, in addition to four staff members in Sudan who have been volunteering since April 15. This team has achieved significant milestones detailed below:

Achievements of the Sudan Medical Council

Issuance of 59,148 Certificates:

No Objection Certificates for Interns: 8,005 certificates distributed among Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE.
Permanent Registration Certificates: 20,291 certificates for doctors who completed internships and passed the professional practice exam.
Specialist Registration Certificates: 8,522 certificates for specialists and consultants.
Certificates of Good Conduct: 22,330 certificates, including 18,461 for permanent registration and 3,869 for specialists and consultants.
Data Flow and Document Verification: We processed and responded to 20,102 verification requests from other regulatory bodies.
Oath-Taking Ceremonies:

3,536 graduates from medical, pharmacy, and dental schools took the professional oath, including 2,349 in Sudan across Medani, Port Sudan, Atbara, El Obeid, and Dongola, 608 in Gulf countries, and 534 in Cairo.
Informing Doctors of the Current Situation and Achievements


The Examination Committee, responsible for policy-making, exam preparation, and supervision for the professional practice license, resumed its meetings on August 31, 2023, under the council president’s leadership. Despite losing access to the question bank, the committee designed a new question bank sufficient for four exams so far, with a fifth in progress.
Examination centers have been identified in Sudan (Port Sudan, Atbara, El Obeid) and abroad (Cairo, Gulf countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar).
On April 22, 2024, a Google Form was distributed to gauge doctors’ preferred exam locations, with 4,586 responses received, indicating substantial preparation progress.
The council will review logistical and financial requirements in the upcoming June meeting, ensuring sufficient preparation time for the exam scheduled for the third quarter of this year.
Participation in Clinical Exams:

Approval was granted for external examiners recommended for medical school exams held in Sudan post-war, adhering to council regulations.
Despite operating under extraordinary conditions and severe resource constraints, the Sudan Medical Council remains committed to adapting to changes and continuing its mission to the best of its ability.

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