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As African celebrates its 61st Anniversary Sudan’s steadfast solidarity with African liberation struggle faces unexpected betrayal (2-3)

By; Mohammed Ahmed Adam
Empirically, recent history teaches us, the States and the peoples, whose armies have collapsed, excessively disbanded or dismantled, whether in Somalia, Iraq, Syria or Yemen or elsewhere, have paid a heavy price and suffered decades-long of chaos, insecurity and instability. such deeply embedded consciousness and far-sightedness, was the driving force that prompted the people of the Sudan, to line up in their multitudes, against all odds, behind their national armed forces.

Sudanese people are unanimously united today, like never before, under the slogan “One Army, One Nation’’ in firm resistance of a terrorist militia, propped by successive waves of heartless mercenaries, with ultimate aim of kidnapping the Sudanese state and eradicate its institutions and national heritage. The prelude and the password toward that end, has been the gradual dismantling of Sudan’s armed forces, either through some wily political demarches, or otherwise militarily, as events currently unfold.

Western wild and unruly desire to block and gradually dismantle Sudan’s quantum leap, in its military manufacturing capabilities, could have been one of the driving factors, that solicited and fast-paced the scheme of targeting the military establishment in the Sudan; Sometimes under the guise of restoring civil rule, and other times in the name of fighting extremism, etc.

Arguably, it’s no longer a secret that Sudan has managed to reserve a permanent seat, in a number of prestigious international military manufacturing exhibitions. That extraordinary accomplishment, which proves that ingenuity is not a monopoly of the West, Africans are no less creative and resourceful, has actually encouraged many Arab and African countries, to seek Sudan’s partnership in this field, to take advantage of its state-of-the- art technology in military products, as a technology that increasingly suit to their environment and immediate needs.

According to the specialized magazine ‘‘Military Watch’’ Sudan has the third largest defense sector in the continent. It is enough to visit the website of the Sudan’s military industry corporation, to see for him/ herself, the overwhelming strides Sudan has made in this field, in the last two decades. An artifact of cumulative Sudanese experience, instituted in the face of protracted and stifling western military embargo on the Sudan.

Correspondingly, Sudan has seen significant pressure from western capitals, using the carrot- and – stick approach, in the hope pf stripping the Sudanese armed forces, of such manufacturing potential and advantages. Israel spearheaded that mission; Israeli jet fighters bombarded and partially destroyed, in more than one occasion, a number of these manufacturing installations within Sudanese territories, in yet another stereotype of Israeli modus operandi in the region, in yet one of the worst forms of State terrorism, but as usual, Israel’s impunity escapes all punishment, in the new American century. The militia, in turn, does continues to undertake the task of systematically targeting the infrastructure of military industry, Israel has already initiated.

On the other hand, Sudanese army, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of its founding next year, remains the melting pot for Sudan’s multilateralism, ethnic and linguistic diversity, the symbol and guarantor of Sudan’s sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity. the watchful eye, that proven resilient, standing tall, in the face of all forces of evil, that have been fiercely trying to no avail, in one way or another, to undermine, dismantle and tearing it apart.

As pre-stated, Sudan continues to cherish strong faith and pride, in the cause of African liberation movements, history is a reminder of the sacrifices made by Sudan to realize continental liberty and freedom, working to that end shoulder to shoulder with the founding fathers of the OAU and leaders of liberation struggle – seeking in the process, no thanks or gratitude of whatsoever.

However, it wasn’t quite in Sudan’s imagination, to see a new breed of African leaders, outrageously betraying that very noble causes and objectives of the OAU, drawn by the founding fathers; stooping to collude with Africa’ common enemy, in broad day light, against the very sovereignty and territorial integrity of the, an integral member state of the AU.

Likewise, Sudan was not expecting to see our common regional multinational platforms, barefacedly dwarfed and abused to integrate with an old sinister scheme of dominating the Sudan; besides trying since the earliest stages of the war, to question the legitimacy of the Government of the Sudan, in a blatant interference in its internal affairs, our regional bodies were unfortunately instrumental, in calling for an immediate imposition of no-fly ban a heavy artillery, selectively targeting the government forces, under the guise of protecting civilians.

In other words, the timing of that hypercritical call was a sort of a honeyed poison; to ensure the deprivation the Sudanese army of its salient military advantage and superiority, to shift the military balance on the ground in favor of the a generous (business) partner; the RSF apartheid militia.

There should be no mistake, RSF military coup on the morning of 15th April, 2023, should only be perceived as the latest episode, in mainly an interlinked and all- out war against the Sudan, which took various shapes and manifestations. However, with a single objective remained the same; preventing the Sudan from exploiting its abundant natural resources and geopolitical advantages, in becoming a force to be reckoned with.

In fact, both the geopolitical importance and multiple natural resources, put Sudan early in the realm of regional and international greed. That might explain why for instance, Sudan happened to be, an integral part of the Israeli malignant geopolitical concept of “the periphery doctrine.” aimed in the first place, at provoking tribal strife, racism and civil wars in the targeted States; an input to weaken the “periphery” of the Arab world. To that effect, no wonder, Israel rushed to instigate, train and heavily arm, Sudan’s first armed rebellion in 1955, even before the dawn of Sudan independence. The rest is history.

That continuum of the said deliberate targeting extends to include, but limited to, decades-long of economic and diplomatic sanctions and embargos, in synchrony with systematic and extensive demonization and smearing media campaigns. Many might not be familiar with the fact that, Sudan has actually been under stern international economic sanctions since the year 1983.

Perhaps, more mind boggling; in 1986- the year which followed one of Sudan’s greatest popular revolutions, that overthrown the military rule and restored the civil- rule back on track. Satirically, Sudan’s achievement was duly celebrated and rewarded in the west, by being declared as a State not eligible for receiving debt and loans from international financial institutions. Ironically, history repeats itself, today, again under the guise of restoring the so called democracy and civilians-led government, western countries have decidedly opted to turn a blind eye, to the ravaging scorched earth policy, perpetrated by the RSF terrorist militia.

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