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SPLM-N leader Abdelaziz al-Hilu receives Female Delegation visiting Kauda

Brown Land Exclusive – Khartoum

The SPLM-N leader Abdelaziz al-Hilu received the female delegation coming from Khartoum on the 15th of past February in Juba, the delegation’s first stop ahead in a trip to Kauda, South Kordofan.

Mohammed Yousuf Mustafa, the Acting Chairman of the SPLM-N, had assured during a speech welcoming the delegation that the visit was bound to be a bountiful one.

The visiting female delegation included 12 women representing the Sudanese Women’s Union, Sudanese Feminist Alliance, Sudanese historical bloc, and SPLM-N representatives within the state.

The Sudanese Feminist Alliance made up one third of the delegation numbers, which consisted of Sudanese Women’s Union members Oum Naeem al-Noor, Awadiah al-Haj, and Halla Abdalla.

As for the Sudanese Feminist Alliance, it was represented by Rihab Hassan Abdulmuttalib, Media Officer Khaldah Abdul Raheem Mohammad, and members Nada al-Haj, and Hiyam Fateh Al-Rahman.

Comrade Amani Moussa Kodi showcased the visit program, and stated that its purpose was to reflect the situation with all transparency.

She has also stated that political powers must be made aware of what happens on ground, from social cases, to health, education, etc…

Companion Mohammed Hashim insisted that a project that achieves justice, equality, and freedoms must be presented. He also called for the safe application of security, considering it is a key issue for new international mission UNITAMS for ensuring citizen protection.

The female delegation’s program schedule includes stops at Yida, Kauda, Hiban, Toubou, Umm Dorain and a number of hospitals, camps, schools, and civil state institutions, before concluding with a mass meeting in Kauda.

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