Approval of Important Laws in Sudan

Staff Writer

Sovereignty Council member Professor Muhammad al-Faki Suleiman said in a press statement that the joint meeting between the Sovereignty Council and the Council of Ministers approved draft laws for various amendments.

Most of the laws were based on adopting a dual financial system that creates two windows in the first banks, with a window for the Islamic system and the other for the traditional system.

Al-Faki explained that the meeting had also approved the long-awaited investment law, a draft law on the currently prominent issue of public-private sector relationships, and discussed the abolition of the Israel boycott law, which came after long discussions organized by the Council of Ministers and the Sovereign Council (the Interim Legislative Council).

Al-Faki stated that the meeting discussed the anti-corruption commission law and it was agreed to present it to the next meeting to subject it to further discussion and study.

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