Sudanese Representatives Traveling to Venezuela to Participate in XVII Congress of the Women’s International Democratic Federation

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Under the slogan: «Women’s Unity Against Inequalities and Violence. For the Peace and Health of the Planet» will discuss various current issues

Hundreds of delegates from all continents will meet in Caracas, Venezuela, from April 25th till the 28th, to celebrate the XVII Congress of the International Democratic Federation of Women (FDIM).

Within the framework of this important event, the Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Deiby Colmenares Boullon, held a fraternal meeting on April 19 with the 7 delegates from the Republic of Sudan: Amira Osman, Samah Algamry, Adila Elzaibag, Amna Mohamed, Ihsan Hassan, Mahasin Abdalla, and Amira Awad, members of the groups “Sudanese Federation of Women” and “Initiative No to the Oppression of Women”, both member organizations of the FDIM. They will attend Venezuela to exchange experiences with activists from all over the planet based on a common struggle such as the defense of women’s rights.

The FDIM was founded at the International Congress of Women on December 1st, 1945 in Paris, when delegates from 41 countries representing millions of women, proclaimed their determination to defend the political, economic, civil, and social rights of women and fight for the creation of the indispensable conditions that allow a harmonious and happy development of children and future generations. On that same occasion, the struggle for the conquest and safeguarding of national independence and freedoms was raised; for the elimination of apartheid, racial discrimination, and fascism; for peace and universal disarmament.

The FDIM has remained faithful to this oath. His program has been transformed into action. Women from all continents, with different ideologies, beliefs, and origins from countries with different social systems, work together in favor of the goals expressed in the oath. Currently, the FDIM brings together 139 organizations and 124 countries from all continents.

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