Picture and story

The Most Recognizable Person in the World

By Sarah-Grace Mankarious, CNN

She’s been photographed, painted, and graffitied. She’s been struck on coins, cast in iron, silk-screened onto T-shirts, and fired onto plates. There’s even a Barbie doll in her likeness.

At 96 years old, the longest-serving monarch in Britain’s history celebrates seven decades on the throne this year.

Queen Elizabeth II’s reign has seen the proliferation of color photography, the commercialization of television, and the pervasiveness of the internet on screens big and small.

Over this time, her image has been widely circulated the world over, making the Queen one of the most recognizable faces in history.

As the UK celebrates a four-day holiday weekend for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, CNN explores some of the official and unofficial, classic, and controversial images that turned Elizabeth II into the cultural icon she is today.

The Queen was 26 years old having just ascended the throne.

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