Home and foreign pledges to support childhood projects

The Arab and African Conference on Social Responsibility for Child Rights concluded its activities today in Khartoum amid pledges from the Sovereign Council, governors and a number of Gulf countries to support childhood projects.

The secretariat of a 3-day conference held at the Friendship Hall, in its recommendations placed spreading awareness of childhood issues on top of priorities, including a pledge by the governors to establish childhood centers, allot agricultural lands, and earmark 5% of the institutions’ income to child projects.

The confrees recommended approving a strategic plan for childhood issues and social or societal responsibility, stressing the need to pay attention to the issues of mothers married to foreigners and to raise families’ awareness of the dangers of the Internet for children and to include children’s rights in the school curricula, protecting them against drugs.

They also the need for family control and family reunification process to combat illiteracy among children ensuing from school dropout.

The confreed appealed to governments to allocate a further percentage of the budget for children, especially following the Minister of Finance, Dr. Jibril’s pledge to support childhood projects.

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